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Our clinical studies offer new paths to understanding and treating multiple chronic health conditions, aiming to shape future care standards.

Our current focus areas of research

Pain management

Chronic pain affects millions globally, significantly reducing quality of life. Our studies in pain management explore how our innovative biostimulation technologies and advanced therapeutic strategies can be helpful in providing long-lasting relief without the side effects commonly associated with traditional pain medications.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders and are a burden to millions of people worldwide. They relate to wide range of conditions affecting the bones, muscles, and joints, often leading to significant disability and reduced quality of life. Our clinical studies in this area are dedicated to validating non-invasive, multimodal, interdisciplinary and technology-supported treatments designed to significantly reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve overall musculoskeletal health. Through our work, we aim to offer innovative solutions for conditions like chronic back pain, giving patients new hope for recovery and rehabilitation.

Metabolic disorders

With the rise in metabolic disorders worldwide, effective treatments are more important than ever. Our research is targeting conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, and Sarcopenia (muscle loss), aiming to unlock new potentials that can help regulate metabolic processes on a cellular level and help restore healthy balances.

Oncological rehabilitation

Cancer treatment often leaves survivors facing significant challenges in rehabilitation. Rhyk is actively researching in the field of onco-rehabilitation, with clinical studies that explore the efficacy of biostimulation therapies which can mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment: for example fatigue, neuropathy, and especially muscle weakness. Our research aims to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors by offering care solutions that help patients get back to their strength and resilience after treatment, as an addition to their rehabilitative program.

Neurological disorders

The complexity of neurological conditions demands careful and comprehensive treatment approaches. Rhyk is investigating new pathways for making a positive therapeutic difference on the lives of patients who suffer from disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Epilepsy. We focus on treatment solutions that restore function, improve quality of life, and potentially even slow disease progression.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a clinical study?

A clinical study is a structured research initiative with human participants to assess the effectiveness and safety of innovative treatment methods, such as biostimulation technologies. The goal is to answer specific questions about new therapeutic approaches or enhancements to existing treatments, focusing on their impact on human health. For example: “Does this treatment work?”, “Does it work better than other options?” and many more. Rhyk’s commitment to advancing healthcare solutions involves conducting clinical studies to directly evaluate how new treatments perform in real-world settings, ensuring they are both effective and safe for patient use.

Clinical studies are important for verifying that innovative treatments meet high standards of patient safety and provide significant health benefits. By systematically gathering data on treatment outcomes, efficacy, and participant experiences, our clinical studies aim to improve therapeutic patient care and contribute to the broader field of medical science.

No, participants do not have to pay to take part in our clinical trials. Rhyk covers all medical expenses that are directly related to the study, including treatments, examinations, and any specific procedures required by the study protocol. Our priority is to ensure that financial concerns do not prevent anyone from accessing potentially beneficial treatments and contributing to medical advancements.

Participants in our clinical studies do not receive financial compensation. Participants are qualified as suitable candidates by their clinics or healthcare providers and agree to participate in the study primarily for the potential personal health benefits. Our participants are motivated by the opportunity to access new treatments and by the possibility of contributing to research that may benefit countless other patients in the future. We deeply appreciate the commitment and contribution of all participants, and are grateful for their contribution to the progress of medical science.

Eligibility for participation in our clinical studies is determined by the doctors at the clinics and points of care we collaborate with. These clinical partners select participants from their existing patient pools based on specific criteria, such as age, type and stage of a condition, medical history, and current health status. This targeted approach ensures the safety of participants and maintains the integrity of the study results. If you are interested in participating in a clinical study and believe you might be eligible, we recommend discussing this with your healthcare provider. They can contact us directly and provide information on any current or upcoming studies that may be suitable for you, based on your health condition and medical history.

Participating in a clinical study comes with both potential benefits, such as gaining access to new treatments before they are widely available, and potential risks, which rarely may include experiencing unknown side effects. All known risks and benefits will be thoroughly explained during the Informed Consent Process before you decide to participate.

The duration of a clinical study can depend on the study’s set-up, the type of treatment being studied, and the specific study requirements. Participants are informed about the estimated timeline before singing up, and any changes to the trial duration will be communicated immediately.

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our participants is important to us. All personal information is handled in accordance with strict data protection regulations. Information collected during the study is used exclusively for research purposes and any publication of the results will be done in a way that ensures participants cannot be individually identified.